Steve Diet Goedde "The Beauty of Fetish" <Edition Stemmle>
Essay by Vicki Goldberg • Text by FetishDiva Midori
Released 1998 | OUT OF PRINT

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New York Newsday

Fashion magazines are a deliberate reference point for Steve Diet Goedde in his gorgeous "The Beauty of Fetish," a collection of shots of women in bondage and fetish gear that aims for the glamor of fashion photography. Goedde follows a different path from Tony Ward. Dressed in rubber and latex to turn themselves into fantasy objects, Goedde's models all come across as individuals. A big-eyed, full-cheeked young woman named Anna, dressed in a leather corset, peers out from beneath her Betty Page mane, as much girlish as she is forbidding. Goedde's most frequent model, the dominatrix and performer FetishDiva Midori, has a regal grace as she stands on a San Francisco street in a floor-length rubber evening gown, and real casual style in a lovely shot where her knee-high, high-heeled, lace-up boots make a striking contrast with her comfy velour bathrobe. You can argue that Goedde isn't presenting the reality of S&M or B&D, but that isn't his point. He means to get at the surface allure of fetish wear. That he also captures the personas of those who wear it adds to the genuine erotic charm of his work.

> Charles Taylor, New York Newsday (Dec. 6, 1998) Holiday Photo Round-up

Leg World

Goedde revels in the power of the fetish itself, which exists as a prelude to activity. He offers the mere suggestion of what the clothes really represent, with an occasional dollop of unexpected humor (one shot shows the magnificent intelligence-officer-turned-fetishdive Midori in profile sticking her fantastic tongue out at downtown San Francisco). And abstract though his images may be, Goedde doesn't render his 20 or so models anonymous; he makes them more interesting.

As a summation of his career to date, "The Beauty of Fetish" is a fine celebration of Goedde's style; more important, it's a breakthrough book that lends credence and (that dread word) respectability to the excesses and the passions, as well as the uniqueness and commonalities, in the world of fetish.

> D.K. Holm, Leg World - March 1999