Introduction by Andi Campognone

Steve Diet Goedde's book "Extempore" (Circa Press) explores the more personal side of Steve's work when photographing his models. In addition to formal posing, Steve likes to capture models being themselves, sometimes in the act of adjusting their outfits or simply having fun in front of the lens getting ready for the more "serious" shots. Steve occasionally performs light readings with his camera capturing moments of playful candidness. These collected moments make up the majority of this new book of work. It's his most personal collection of photos released to date.

Photographer: Steve Diet Goedde
Publisher: Circa Press
Introduction: Andi Campognone
Designer: Rosa Nussbaum

May 2019
Hardcover, 30 × 26cm • 11.75 × 10.25 in
160 pages

ISBN 978-1-911422-18-1