Monday, December 14, 2009


Okay, my NEW blog which is replacing this one can be found at

It has all same posts as the blog you're reading now. The only difference is that the RSS feeds will actually work again. This will be the last post to this version of my blog.

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Blog update

I realize there have been some issues with the RSS feeds of this blog for a while. I'm in the process of either fixing the existing issue or starting a whole new blog. Check back for updates!

In the meantime, I'm guest-blogging this week at the new erotic site Late Night Feelings. Give it a look at

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dirty Show comes to Los Angeles this Weekend!

A two-night stay, unlike any other we have had — at the fabulous City Center Motel in Downtown Los Angeles.

We are taking over the entire East Wing of the motor court. Each room will be luxuriously appointed with skintallating erotic works from over 100 artists from all over the world. The exhibition is completely uncensored, and features leading edge artists from many backgrounds working within the theme including many of the biggest names in modern erotica. A special once in-a-lifetime collection that will never be assembled under one roof again.

It opens on Friday the 13th, at 7pm to 11pm — which will be your lucky day if you are in the market for amazing exotic art. Come early for best selection. The entrance will be through the alley, in the back of the motel. There are plenty of inexpensive parking lots and ample street parking. The fun will continue to a secret location announced at the exhibition.

Saturday, Nov. 14th is the Gala, from 6pm -11pm and continuing with an after-party at Fetish Nation. In Detroit, our second night is usually bigger than opening night, so we advise you to come early. You should bring your checkbook and credit cards, because you won't want to have to drive home to get them when you see that piece of art you can't live without.

1135 W. 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Ample Parking • No Cameras Allowed
18+ with Valid Photo ID • $10.00

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Aaron Hawkes, Alex Aviles, Alva Bernadine (UK), Annie Sprinkle, April Segedi, Ashley (UK), Astrid Kuver, Barry Noland, Billy Ogawa, Billy Pacak, Bob Coulter, Brad Miller, Brian Viveros, Bruce La Bruce, Bryan Barnes, BT Charles, Bunny Yeager, Carolyn Weltman, Chad Michael Ward, Charly B, Charles Green, Chas Ray Krider, Chris Maher, Christine Kessler, Christopher Wright, Clive Barker, Colln Christian, Collin Rae, Corey Godfrey, Cory Marc, Damon Hill, Dan Armand, Dave Naz, Douglas Cason, Ed Fox, Elizabeth Stephens, Eric Kroll, Erin Frost, Eva Midgley, Francois Dubeau, Fredric Fontenoy (FR), Gary Breckheimer, Gary Lee, Geza X, Gina King, Glenn Barr, Gregory de la Haba, HR Giger, Harald Seiwert, Heidi Bluegirl, Hugo, J. L. Robbins, Jason Yates, Jeff Wack, Jeremy Harvey, Jeremy MF Thomson, Juan Martin Del Campo, Jill Greenberg, Jeff Faerber, John Martin, John Santerineross, Julie Simone, Justice Howard, Keith Mueller, Ken Keirns, Kenny Scharf, Kurt Hernon, Lara Allport (AU), Lisa Boyle, Lisolette Gilcrest, Marc DeBauch, Marilyn Zimmerwoman, Mark Arminski, Mark Dancey, Marne Lucas, Michael Breyette, Michael Manning, Michael Rosen, Michael Siu, Mike Williams, Missy Suicide, Niagara, Nicole Steen (CA), Nina Friday, Pablo Davis, Passia Pandora, Paul Rumsey, Peter Keresztury, Pierre Radisic (Belg), Ken Josephson, R. Alan Warren, Renard Garr, Richard Avery, Rick Castro, Rick Morris, Rik Garret, Robert Rosenheck, Robyn Breen, Rod McDonald, Roger White, Ron Zakrin, Ronald Shelley, Ross Brownsdon, Ross Johnston, Sam Holden, Samarel (Israel), Simon Barret, Stacy Lande, Stan Konowitz, Steve Diet Goedde, Sue Rynski (FR) Taurus Burns, The Pizz, Theoni Sapounas, Tom Porta (italy), Tom Thewes, Tracee Mae Miller, Travis Jonk, Travis Shinn, Tristan Eaton, Tulip Enterprises (GE), Vato, Victor Lightworship, Viva Van Story, Yonilab (FR)... and more!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pinhole Photography, Ohio 2009

Youngstown Ohio, Pinhole Capture 2009
On a recent trip to Ohio to meet my girlfriend's family, Liz took me around to many of the abandoned buildings in this once-thriving industrial city. I documented many of these locations with a Holga 35mm pinhole camera. These were all shot handheld with a minimum 10 second exposure. I opted not to use a tripod in order to give them a more painterly, organic texture. I processed the film in my kitchen and then scanned the negatives with my Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED.

Click on above image for more images.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Photographs - September 2009

I've recently been adding a lot of new non-erotic photographs to my Goedde Images Flickr account. If you're into these pursuits of mine, please visit and add me as a contact. I always welcome any thoughtful criticism. You can also visit my erotic Flickr account for new sexy stuff. If you have an account, just make sure your SafeSearch is off so you can view the nude images.

Holga Pinhole - Los Angeles 2009
(above) This weekend, fellow photographer Christine Kessler and I explored Los Angeles with our Holga film cameras. I shot mainly with my Holga pinhole camera which required me to shoot 8 second exposures. Even though I had access to a tripod, I decided to risk it and shoot the images handheld. I was surprised that the shots came out as well as they did for such long, handheld exposures.

Antique Store, Ventura CA 2009
(above) I also regularly update my iPhone gallery with random captures from the street.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time-Exposure Shots of Joshua Tree

Liz and I headed out Tuesday night to Joshua Tree for a prime viewing location for the Perseids meteor shower. I wasn't planning on taking photos but had my camera just in case inspiration would set in. At one point I decided that I would indeed set up my camera on a tripod and take some time exposures. What I captured was pretty damn cool even though I didn't actually capture any of the hundreds of meteors we saw.

See the full set on my 'other' Flickr account HERE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Photographs for June 2009

Ulorin Vex, Los Angeles 2009
Ulorin Vex wearing a beautiful neck corset designed by Blacklickorish Latex. Make-up and hair by Cammy Ellis.

Photographed with my Mamiya 645 with 120mm BW400CN film. This marks my first time shooting with a medium format film other than T-Max.

Nicotine, Mojave Desert 2009
Nicotine photographed in the Mojave Desert in June 2009. It was an unusually cool day. I don't think it got above 75 degrees fahrenheit. That made the trip so much more bearable and artistically rewarding than other trips to the high desert.

Oh, and yes, we DID get out of the car. Those photos later!

Shot with the iPhone and processed with CameraBag app.